Fun and unique birthday party themes that are SO "in" this season!

I LOVE all of these theme ideas and want to see more of them - if you have any others to share, please do!  There are definitely a few BIG trends this year, as well as a couple great ideas that are definitely worth sharing as well.  Here are just a few of my favourites!

1. Unicorns

This one is my personal favourite - and not just because it is massively popular for 2018!  The soft, pastel colours, the rainbows, the unicorns themselves... it's such a gorgeous theme and perfect for any age, from 1 right up to 100.  I mean really, who doesn't love unicorns?  The decoration and food ideas are endless - and did I mention the pretty colours?

  Source  - available on Etsy!

Source - available on Etsy!

Look at how gorgeous that cake is.  You can even get an adorable rainbow outfit like the one above, or make your own!  Can you imagine the photos?  I think I may have MY OWN Unicorn themed birthday this year!

(Psst... if you do decide to go with this theme, we have TWO Unicorn Princesses available to book!  Check them out on our Princess page.)


2. Mermaids

OH MY GOSH, the ideas for this are endless!  The decor possibilities and the cute photo opportunities make this a fantastic choice - AND this is also the PERFECT theme for the summer!  Pool party anyone?

Bathing suits are, of course, perfect attire for something like this if you have water involved.  You could also go with the "walking mermaid" look, or even have everyone cozy up in some of those adorable mermaid blankets in the cooler months!  Which the way things have been looking, could last a lot longer than anyone is hoping for.

  Source  - available on Etsy!

Source - available on Etsy!

3. Pet Adoption Parties

I've been seeing these EVERYWHERE and honestly my first thought was: "where was this when I was growing up?!".  Basically the idea is that each guest is able to adopt their very own "pet" (stuffed animal) when they arrive at the party.  They then fill out an adoption form, choosing a name and promising to love them forever and ever!

At this point, the kids can now do a whole variety of activities based around their new pet.  Creating collars, decorating a house, and even taking them to the "vet" for a check up!  It's a very creative and entertaining theme (not to mention cheap!).  Even better?  Your child can choose to accept donations for the Humane Society in lieu of gifts.



4. Camping



This is a great idea for older boys and girls who can handle a sleepover!  Set up tents in your backyard or even in your living room - indoor camping can be JUST as fun.  Have some marshmallows ready and songs to sing around the "fire".  Ideas for themed games and activities are endless... scavenger hunt, anyone?

Better yet, you can design awesome invitations with tent flaps that "open" to reveal the party details, and create super cool "fire pit" cakes like this one!

I'd love to hear about your favourite birthday themes!  It could be something you attended, or had for your own children, or hey - one you had for yourself!  Feel free to drop me a line through our contact page or send me an email:

Now, I KNOW we had a deal about "no business" during these blog posts but I just wanted to quickly mention - after putting this list together, I am DYING to come up with some fantastic original characters and awesome game ideas for each of these!  If you'd be interested in one of these themes or any other that doesn't have an "official" character, I'd love to create a character for you!  You can reach me (again) through our contact page or at 

Happy planning!