Princesses are for boys, too!

Princesses are for boys, too!

A few weeks ago Dream It did a party for a little boy turning 3.  I have to give some serious kudos to his mother - her son wanted nothing more than the Snow Queen to attend his birthday party and she had no problem with making that happen! 

She emailed me asking if we did princess parties for little boys as well as little girls.  My answer?  100%!  We try to make every party fun and accessible for all guests (most parties have a brother in attendance!) so this was a no-brainer.  My performer and I were SUPER excited to meet this little prince!

In the end, both the Snow Queen and the Little Mermaid surprised him on his big day.  Mom sent us this awesome shot of his face when we walked through the door:


He danced with us, we sang for him, and we ended up having a fantastic time!  All of the guests were great and this little boy was just such a joy to be around.  It made me SO happy that we live in a world now where boys AND girls can love whatever they want without any push back from the important people in their lives.

I know a 6 year old girl who is obsessed with Star Wars, to the point that she has a themed comforter on her bed.  In the past, I knew a young boy who's favourite show in the whole world was My Little Pony.  Kids love what they love!  And I'm so happy that parents these days are willing to make their dreams come true - even when it isn't in the majority.


~ Jillian