Did you spot us?! Awkward/hilarious places you may have seen our characters recently

Did you spot us?! Awkward/hilarious places you may have seen our characters recently.

When travelling all over the city, it's just common sense that sometimes you're going to be seen in public.  None of our characters "blend in" very well and so we get a lot of attention wherever we go.  Here are a list of weird places we've been recently!

1. Gas Stations - EVERYWHERE.  The Snow Queen is especially guilty of this, and can often be spotted filling up all over the city.  Her favourite spot just so happens to be the Esso on Palladium, so if you wondered if that was us - it sure was!


2. Elmvale Acres, Bayshore Shopping Centre, and other shopping malls (specifically the bathrooms).  Weirdly enough, it turns out that the Fire Dog has a thing for malls in the area, always either right before or right after a birthday party near by. 


3. Tim Hortons - EVERYWHERE.  The Little Mermaid has apparently really taken to coffee since her journey onto land.  She's also really jumped on the bandwagon of selfies (especially in the Tim Hortons bathroom).  Who would have guessed?  They must have great lighting!


4. In a car, casually parked down the street from a birthday party OR driving down the 417.  Many of our characters have embraced the automobile as a much easier way of getting around (especially compared to horseback!).  Have you spotted the Snow Princess through a car window? 

  **This photo was taken while safely parked!**

**This photo was taken while safely parked!**


5. Walking down a hiking trail.  Sometimes the perfect break from saving the world is taking a moment to enjoy nature - and perhaps snapping a photo or two for Facebook while you're there.  ;)


6. In your neighborhood, standing on the sidewalk.  Sometimes the Bat Girl shows up a little bit too early, and has to wait a few minutes before knocking on the door.  Or sometimes she had to park really far up the road.  Either way, there she is!


Do you think you spotted us somewhere else?  Please share!  And keep an eye out, wherever you happen to be... you never know WHO is going to show up!