Didn't find who you were looking for on our character list?  Here are a few characters that are offically "in progress": costumes have been ordered and are in the process of being made/shipped, wigs are on their way, photo shoots have been booked and/or other pieces are already here.  These characters are confirmed and coming soon!

If you'd like to book ahead with one of these characters, feel free to contact us with your request - we'll let you know if we can guarantee them by your preferred date!  Sometimes we can speed up the process, so it never hurts to ask.


Monster Trainer

This 10 year old trainer is exactly the boy your children watch and love, although he'll be leaving his electric companion at home for safety reasons. ;)  Although he isn't planned until later in the summer, a request could bring him out of the woodwork earlier.  Just contact us and let us know!

Available - Waiting on photos!