Lily the Fairy

Lily is a purple tinker fairy who was laughed into existence one day in the Land of Fae. She is a mischievous, silly fairy and loves to dance and play with her friends in the human world!

Languages: English
What She Teaches Us: Resource sustainability and positive thinking

Using sustainable resources is a great way to protect our planet and prevent irreparable damage to the environment. Choosing materials that are easy to reuse or grow, and being careful to recycle what we can, are all an important part of resource sustainability.

It’s well known that positive thinking leads to better mental and physical health. Having a good outlook on everyday happenings and a strong resolve for bumps in the road leads to a happier and more fulfilling day-to-day.


Fairy Godmother

The Fairy Godmother holds the key to the Portal of Dreams, which leads into the Land of Fae! She is a very warm and kind fairy, and keeps the other Fable Friends safe while they visit.

Languages: English
What She Teaches Us: Following your own path and the value of responsibility

Individuality and forging your own path is very important, even if it can feel difficult. The strength to pick and choose the right opportunities most suited to your values and skills is not always easily found, but in the end you are giving yourself the best opportunity for success!

Responsibility is a skill and can require a bit of practice. Our education, our career, our relationships with others and fulfilling our own needs all require that skill. The earlier one can learn responsibility, the easier life will be!


Unicorn Princess

Our Unicorn Princess hails from the Unicorn Mountains in the Land of Fae. Like most Unicorns, she is both regal and playful, and loves to participate in different games of skill and chance.

Languages: English
What She Teaches Us: Appreciation of our own uniqueness and peace, love, unity and respect.

The things that make you unique are what make you, well, you! A respect and appreciation for one’s individuality leads to confidence, self love, and self worth. Unicorns teach us to embrace that which makes us different from everyone else, instead of trying to hide it - a skill that many struggle with!

Peace is the goal of almost every human in our world. To eliminate hate and violence, to love everyone around us regardless of how they differ from ourselves, and to respect others - these are all values that Unicorns hold dear.