Gender Reveals

Why do this kind of gender reveal over the cake/smoke bomb/golf ball approach?

It’s a unique and magical approach that your friends and family haven’t seen before!
It makes for GREAT photo opportunities to always remember the special moment!
Your existing children, nieces/nephews, etc. will be just as amazed as you are!


Storybook Reveal

The classic bookworm princess arrives with a customized story about a Prince & Princess. Which will she land on in the end? You’ll have to listen to the whole thing to find out!

Expect a nail biting, suspenseful reveal requiring audience participation in order to discover the answer!


Make It Pink! Make It Blue!

Find out the moment our Sleeping Beauty appears in the appropriate coloured dress and prepare to shed a few tears to the tune of “Once Upon a Dream”.

If you can’t stand the suspense this may be the PERFECT reveal for you!

Must be booked 6 weeks or more in advance.


The Gender Never Bothered Me Anyway

…but it IS fun to find out, right? So do it in the most dramatic way possible - at the apex of “Let It Go”, our Snow Queen will make the big reveal with a shower of confetti!

Go this route for a touch of suspense mixed with a great photo finish!


Save Us, ______!

The envelope containing the baby’s gender has been stolen! We’ve received word that it has been locked with a magical key - only a hero of the same gender can retrieve it. The good news? Someone is on their way to save the day. But will it be one of our male superheroes, or one of our female heroines?

When choosing this package, let us know your preferred male/female superheroes! You can check out the options HERE.


Price: $150

This includes an appearance of up to 30 minutes with one of the reveal packages above, as well as time for photos and a short meet & greet.
Don’t know which to choose? Take the “Surprise Me!” option and save $10!
Currently available only in the Stittsville/Kanata area.