Blippi Impersonator

Say hello to our Blippi impersonator! Perfect for truck/construction themes, something a bit more educational, or big (little) fans of the Blippi show on Youtube!



The boy who never grew up is ready to fly into your next event with the magic of imagination and a little bit of fairy dust!  Peter Pan is the master of having fun - you can be sure that he has a great game or two up his sleeve to keep things going.  Just be careful not to tread on his shadow!



Faith, trust, and pixie dust is how this little fairy traveled all the way to Ottawa!  Don't worry about stepping on her - she's found a way to grow big(ger) in order to better play her favourite games.


Monster Trainer

This 10 year old trainer is exactly the boy your children watch and love, although he'll be leaving his electric companion at home for safety reasons. ;)  



Two for the price of one!  From tigers to T-rex, Emma & Eric have wrangled them all.  They'll match your theme with high energy games and activities.  You might even learn a thing or two!