What are they, exactly?

Picture this: the guests arrive and every child excitedly lines up (with the birthday boy/girl in the front) to adopt their very own special pet.  After choosing a name, they sit down and create a one of a kind collar for their new friend.  They then have the opportunity to decorate a box for their pet to come home in and select a blanket to keep them warm.  These new pet owners can then spend the rest of the party playing exciting games and activities with a special themed attendant! 

Our Pet Adoption Parties can be a variety of themes and combinations including: Dogs, Cats, Horses and Magical Pets (Unicorns, Dragons, etc.) as well as Safari, Jungle, and Marine Animals.  Have a specific request?  Contact us!

Our Pet Adoption Parties are 90 minutes long and priced for 10 children.  More or less?  Contact us!  The package includes:

  1. A large selection of adoptable (stuffed) animals in the requested theme to choose from
  2. Your chosen Pet Adoption Attendant to run the party and let you relax!
  3. Take-home "carrier" boxes for each child's new pet, as well as materials to decorate the box and a blanket
  4. "Create a collar" craft activity
  5. Adoption certificates for each child
  6. Themed party games and activities

The total cost for our Pet Adoption Party Package is $350 for 10 children with a $15 fee for each additional child.  A $100 deposit is required to secure your spot.  Parties not booked 30 days in advance will be limited to our current stock of adoptable pets.  A travel fee may apply for parties outside of our service area.

We have a selection of characters to fit any Pet Adoption Party theme!

Pet Shop Girl


Safari Girl


Safari Guy