Snow Queen

Finally in control of her powers and ready to enjoy life outside the gates, the Snow Queen is available for all events!  Don't worry - she isn't frosty in real life!

Languages: English
Costume Options: Ice Dress & Spring Dress
Favourite Party Activity: Pin the Nose on the Snowman

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I had Elsa for my daughter 5th birthday party last Saturday . It was awesome ! Kids where happy and Elsa was great with them : very nice to them... my little princess said it was a dream come true. My thanks to all your team for the happiness you bring to our little angels. Will definitely recommend your services.
— Nadege Lasseli Soro

Snow Princess

Available to accompany her sister or strike out on her own, this fun loving princess is so excited to experience the world after being trapped behind the castle gates for years.  She loves parties, as they usually have her favourite things: dancing, fun, and CHOCOLATE.

Languages: English
Costume Options: Snow Dress & Spring Dress
Favourite Party Activity: Snowball Toss

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Island Princess

Sailing your way with tales from her island and a demigod-sized bag of tricks - invite the Island Princess for a high energy, magical experience you won't soon forget.  She knows the way!

Languages: English
Favourite Party Activity: Coconut Bowling

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Moana was AmaZing!!!!!! Thank you for making my daughter 5th Birthday extra special!!!
— Alba Nelly Pequero


She’s finally descended from her tower and wants to experience everything she’s missed out on!

Languages: English
Favourite Party Activity: Hair Limbo

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We had Rapunzel come to my daughters 5th party and she was amazing, she looks amazing and she was so sweet and funny and a beautiful singing voice. And she had a helper which I didn’t even realize and she was super nice as well together they entertained 16 kids for 90 min. Everyone was into it the whole time even the adults. Highly recommend. They made my daughters first friends birthday memorable.
— Melissa


She has beauty AND brains - discuss your favourite books with her, or imagine different places in the world to travel to together! Have all your questions answered about the Beast (now a handsome prince) and learn the importance of what’s inside.

Languages: English
Favourite Party Activity: Story Time


The Little Mermaid

She's finally got two legs and wants to be part of your world!  The Little Mermaid is available in two outfits and brings along her own themed games and adventures.  

Languages: English
Costume Options: Kiss the Girl Dress & Teal Dress
Favourite Party Activity: Underwater Limbo

We had Ariel and her helper come for our daughter’s 5th birthday party and all the little girls had the best time with very age appropriate and fun activities. [...] The ladies actually paid attention and interacted very well with everybody at the party, nobody was left out and the fascination in these little girl’s eyes was priceless. I would highly recommend Jillian and her crew to anybody!”
— Christina Clarke

Sleeping Beauty

This classic princess has awakened from her long slumber and is ready to reintroduce herself to the world! What better way than to make new friends and explore new lands?

Languages: English
Favourite Party Activity: Sleep Dance


Frog Princess

She's happy to be human again and ready to sing, dance, and perhaps impart some knowledge about working hard and her famous gumbo.  Look for her by the bayou - or at your next birthday party!

Languages: English
Favourite Party Activity: Pin the Kiss on the Frog

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Clare had the best time!!! Thank you again!!!
— Alison Ackroyd

Unicorn Princess Blossom

Blossom is the eldest of our two Unicorn Princesses.  She loves to play ANY sort of game, whether it be Rainbow Limbo, Horn to Tail, or one of the other countless activities she brings along with her!  Blossom is kind and gentle, as all Unicorns are, and adds her own magic to any party.  Discover your Unicorn Name, learn her story, and play one of her favourite games!

Languages: English
Favourite Party Activity: Rainbow Limbo

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THANK YOU Jillian, Blossom and Alicia for a fun filled afternoon! Abigail sure did enjoy herself! Our favourite was the Rainbow Limbo and the music was amazing!! Perfectly matched my Unicorn Themed Party
— Sonia M.

Unicorn Princess Rose

Rose is the youngest of our Unicorn Princess sisters.  She is a fun-loving, whimsical soul who loves to make the whole room laugh!  She can be silly and a bit of a trickster at times, but is always kind and thoughtful to all - as any Unicorn would be.  Her and her sister come from the land above the clouds, and Rose has brought her favourite games from her home to share with you!

Languages: English
Favourite Party Activity: Unicorn Shoes

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Super Peachy Princess

This sweet little princess stars in all of your favourite video games - sometimes she waits to be rescued, but sometimes she takes matters into her own hands!  Perfect for parties with lots of energy, Peach brings her favourite games to the real world!

Languages: English
Favourite Activity: Kart Limbo


New characters are being added all the time.  If you don't see the one you're looking for here, let us know - we'll see what we can do!