The Spider Man

Catch a web and get your spidey senses tingling with your favourite neighbourhood superhero.  Perfect for little boys and little girls alike, his parties are full of activities that really get you moving!

Languages: English
Favourite Party Activity: Musical Mats

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They did a solid hour with stories, games and general kid-friendly fun. Spidey’s suit was of a high quality, looking very ‘realistic’ and overall it was great to have them along - the kids loved it and the adults were very happy to have a break :) Jillian made booking easy and answered all my questions quickly. I also found the price very reasonable given the overall high quality experienced. I absolutely recommend Dream-It!
— Paul Williamson

The Spider Girl

What if someone else had been bitten by that radioactive spider? The Spider Girl swung through a portal from an alternative dimension and now she’s here to party! Book her alone or with her counterpart from THIS dimension.

Languages: English
Costume Options: Mask, No Mask
Favourite Party Activity: Weaving a Web


Wonder Heroine

A natural born leader and warrior, this super heroine is guaranteed to throw a fantastic party! With themed games, activities, and even specialized superhero training to help keep Ottawa safe and sound.

Languages: English
Costume Options: TV Show (pictured), Comic
Favourite Party Activity: Superhero Training

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Extremely professional, right on time, easy to communicate with before the party, very high quality costume, great games, Wonder Woman stayed completely in character (Tess was THRILLED), went above and beyond, the girls and boys all had an incredible time [...] I actually got to enjoy my daughter’s party [...] not to mention that this experience is going to stick with her for years and earned her some major cred at school haha!
— Linden Desai

The Bat Man

A silent guardian, a watchful protector, and now... a guest at your child's birthday!  He may not be a hero, but he is THEIR hero - and we can guarantee that he'll be the talk of the house for months to come!

Languages: English & French
Favourite Party Activity: Musical Towers

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Batman was on point and never went out of character! He even introduced himself to us as Batman!! Loved it! [...] The games were fun, entertaining and kept 19 kids going for the entire hour they were with us! We loved everything about this party! [...] Everything was wonderful about this party. Can’t say enough good things
— Jennifer DeGiorgio

The Bat Girl

Who needs super powers to be a hero?  This smarty pants uses her intelligence and intense training to whip those bad guys into shape!

Languages: English
Favourite Party Activity: Find the Timer

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Amazing! My daughter invited Batgirl to her party in hopes that she wouldn’t be too busy catching at guys and could come... Thanks to Jillian for finding a way to made this happen and creating memories Kenzie will never forget! [...] I highly recommend The Bat Girl. They were great at entertaining the kids and the games were perfect even with limited space. Thank you for taking the stress away from me!!!
— Tami M.

The Captain

Sometimes called the "living symbol of freedom", the Captain is a great choice for high energy groups of all ages!  Participate in various themed games and activities meant to hone your superpowers and complete your Superhero Training with a practice mission!

Languages: English & French
Favourite Party Activity: Pin the Star on the Shield

After a successful experience at my granddaughter’s 4th birthday we rebooked Elsa and added Captain America to help us with the young children attending the reception at our daughter’s wedding at Stonefields Estate this past weekend. I have to say that the adult guests seemed to enjoy this at least as much as the kids. This event was a bit outside the usual Dream It Character Party so we were pleased they were willing to work with us to create a new experience. Thank you to Jillian and her team for being so flexible and creative!”
— Donna Campbell

New characters are being added all the time.  If you don't see the one you're looking for here, let us know - we'll see what we can do!